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Who we are

Today, Idavang is the biggest pig producer in Lithuania and is among 20 largest in the Russian market. Idavang runs a modern and highly professional pig production, which has gone through an impressive growth since the beginning. In 2011, IFC – the World Bank – has bought an equity stake of 20% to ensure expansion in Russia.Our ambition is to focus on welfare at all times. No matter whether we deal with animals or people, our standards within animal welfare are very high. And we work intensively to create an exciting and challenging work place for all employees. We offer education, a multi-lingual modern environment and opportunities to create a career.
Vision & Mission

Our vision is to: produce pigs of high quality in undersupplied markets, however taking into consideration ethical and environmental rules. Our mission is to: be the leading producer of pigs in the Baltic countries and North Western Russia...

Business Partners
Expansion through partnership. In June 2011, IFC, a member of the World Bank, subscribed an agreement to invest EUR 16.8 million in the equity of Idavang A/S. This investment will help finance expansion of our operations in Pskov and Leningrad regions of Russia...
Shareholders & Management

Shareholders are: The World Bank - International Corporate Finance (IFC) - 20 %. Jast Holding A/S - 80 %. Board of Directors: Niels Hermansen, Chairman; Jytte Rosenmaj, Deputy chairman; Peer Munkholt; Ole Bjerremand Hansen: Carsten Lund Thomsen...


What we produce

From the very beginning, we have paid special attention to the quality of our production. Special animal breeding conditions and well-balanced nutrition assure a notably high production quality. The meat has a low fat content and meets today's meat marked demands. The production quality and content comply with all requirements and standards of the European Union.
Quality is of utmost importance to us. This is the main reason why we chose to use Danish breed with a high genetic level as well as high health breeding animals. Today, we are still keeping this high level...

We do not compromise when it comes to feed quality. We only use the best raw materials - energy, protein so our nutritionist can make a well-balanced recipe for the pigs. And we prefer raw materials from the local...

We strive to obtain full harmony between our production, supply of raw materials and a high quality level. This means e.g. that we wish to have an easy access to high quality feed for our pigs.  In Lithuania we co-operate...

How we work

At Idavang, we are fully aware that our continued business growth is closely related to how we interact with our surroundings. We are always friendly and respectful to people we work with, nearby communities, the environment we work in,laws and regulations that control our business scope. We believe that providing a positive working environment for our employees also includes taking care of the communities in which we operate. We wish to always behave as a responsible guest in the countries we operate in.


We constantly strive to take care of the environment in all every-day actions and we acknowledge the need for taking care of natural resources to the benefit of future generations. We do that to reduce any negative impact our production may have on the environment...


Ethical treatment of animals is one of the fundamental values of Idavang. We work transparently, fairly and with regard to all directives of the European Union and local laws on animal welfare. We constantly evaluate and review our production practices...

Throughout the entire Idavang Group the management and employees do their best to be socialy responsible to their communities and society. We consider ourselves members in the communities we are operating in – and we do our best to behave in such way that...
Culture &
The company culture of Idavang is deeply embedded on entrepreneurial values. A constant and on-going drive to do better, to aim higher, to set new standards is part of our thinking within the entire Idavang organisation – whether in Denmark, Russia or Lithuania...


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