After the summer holidays...

This year, Skabeikiai farm organized a couple of hours of canoeing, after which all had fun spending some time together, having snacks, playing the ball.

The employees of Sajas farm also enjoyed swimming in the Dubysa river with catamarans and canoes. After arriving at the finish, they enjoyed delicious snacks and fun games.

Pasodėlė and Mūša farms united forces in organizing the summer party. They arranged a boat trip in the Kaunas Gulf, inspected the Kruonis Power Plant, and also visited Rumšiškės - they visited the folk household museum.

The Rupinskai farm celebrated the summer holiday in the farmstead "Tundra". During the celebration, the staff enjoyed snacks, enjoyed the hot tub, dances, and participated in the fun activities.

The team of Lekėčiai farm also chose the canoeing by the Strėva River for even 5 hours, two-thirds of the team chose to fly a long distance. After the hike, everyone went to a rented farmstead, where there was a hot bathhouse, delicious food, dancing and a pleasant sharing of the impressions of the day.

On the eve of Jonah's Day, Sidabra farm visited Joniškėliai, walked around the town, visited a brewery, where there was a beer tasting, and went to Joniškėlis Manor belonging to Lithuanian noblemen Karpiai. And spent the evening at the farmstead.

The environment department first had karting race, where the fastest driver was chosen. Later they took part in wine tasting, sniffed snacks, fish and pork shish kebab.

Summer party of administration department was attended by employees of the Vilnius office, departmental administration staff, environmental and maintenance team leaders. All had fun at the orienteering and volleyball matches. Later there was a bath, a tub, snacks and dances.