Manure Technology System:

The main environmental issue related to our production is storing and using the manure on agricultural land. The overall environmental strategy is to separate the manure and utilize it as a product, which can be used as fertilizer.


In the summer of 2010, we started up a manure treatment project at our production unit in Russia, Idavang Agro.


The Environmental Processing Plant has been successfully operating since February 2011. And today we use the liquid from the plant to water our fields. The plant has ability to handle the manure, remove the solid part, remove phosphor and strip the NH3 away.


Closed Lagoons:

To secure no emission of ammonia, nitrogen or greenhouse gas, we have closed lagoons with top and double liners at all farms. Closed lagoons also secure that no smell will escape.


Installation of biogas plants:

In 2014, Idavang opened the first two combined heat and power generation plants in Lithuania, which neutralise odours from pork farms.


Both power plants produce biogas by processing liquid manure accumulating in pig farms. When processed, it becomes almost an odourless high quality organic fertilizer.


The ongoing fermentation process in power plants produces gas, which after purification is burned in cogeneration engines. The combustion process produces electricity, which is transmitted into the overall electricity energy network of the country and is used for heating the farm.